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Friday, 16 August 2013

Ancestor Finder Begins

No, not Batman, Ancestor Finder... I don't have a cape or a speedy car I'm afraid. I do have a bright yellow Fiat though, and maybe my Wonder Woman cape counts?!

Anyway, a few years back I decided I wasn't busy enough teaching - obviously working 9am-3.30pm and having all those holidays was just too easy...
So I started looking into my Family Tree. I'd tried growing trees, and hadn't been too successful except for the giant Eucalyptus that started in the pot as 10cm and is now about 10m high. I'd actually tried growing a great number of things to count towards my 5-a-day, but it wasn't working and I'm still vegetable and fruit deficient.

The problem was I started looking into my Family Tree the weekend before Ofsted were coming to school, which anyone who knows a teacher knows that would normally mean life outside school comes to a standstill. 
Even just at the beginning, the initial information I found was so interesting I had to force myself to close the laptop and not open it again until the dreaded O were gone.
When I did take a peek again, I was hooked. Absolutely hooked... you know, line, sinker, the lot. It got me asking my parents questions I'd never thought to ask before, and I found out so much my head was bursting with who/what to look for next.

All those family rumours on my mums side. And the total lack of knowledge about my Dads side. The most amazing thing was how much people suddenly remembered... and I became so aware of how I wished my grandparents on both sides were still alive so I could ask them all those things that we just had no idea about. Answers to some questions were revealed, but many more questions were raised, as is often the nature of research.

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  1. Hiya! Welcome to Blogland... I warn you it's addictive. Great start, but you might want to make your font bigger ;) Just a bit of sisterly advice.
    We'll have to have a competition - who can write the most posts!