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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Our Family Tree

After 3 years of research I've finally been able to send off our Family Tree to the printers, despite last minute additions from Awkward Ancestors who suddenly popped up with new records enabling me to add even more people into the mix.
I only sent the information at the beginning of the week, and already the printers have emailed the proof. The tree has grown just in those few days - they estimated it would be 6 metres wide. It's actually over 8 metres wide!
I have no idea how Dad is going to display it... he wanted it as a working document that he could add information to - sort of stick it round as he goes, but this is going to spread right round the stairwell to the loft. Once it's all up on the wall and the extra bits are being added on, it's going to look amazing... I'll do a big post about it and show it off.
The wonderful thing is I was able to add in all of Mums ancestors too - it was just meant to be for Dad's birthday, but I sneakily added in Mums because I wanted it to be complete, not just one-sided. And actually although it would have been slightly less wide, in terms of price it wasn't much different. Mum will get to see all her ancestors too, whereas previously all the focus has been on Dads.
On top of that, it's the first professional print out of a Family Tree for my business, so it'll be a good starting point ;)
So I'm very cheerful, and linking with...

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  1. My mum is quite interested in her family tree, has even bought herself a laptop, to make it easier to research x

  2. ooh exciting I haven't printed out tree for 20 years and that was A4 stuck together with selotape

    1. That's how ours have been, Becky, until I found a specialist printer who could do it properly. So now I work with them and give my customers the option to have a self-print pdf or get it printed professionally. Well, they get the pdf anyway, but then they can also get it done "properly", at pretty good prices. The pdfs were a nightmare initially because the pages weren't numbered so you had to try to figure out what went where like a jigsaw puzzle with no picture! Not so bad now with page numbers but still terrible trying to stick it all together!
      Definitely worth taking another look at the records available, there's so much more online now ;)

  3. wow that sounds so interesting, what a fab idea! 3 years what a alot of effort well done!!

  4. Looking forward to the pictures!

  5. What a great idea! Can't wait to see the final picture of it. All very interesting for you I'm sure, and will be great for the future generations too.

  6. Love anything to do with family history. Great reason to be cheerful.

  7. Can't wait to see it. How does it feel to finish something that long in the making though?