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Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Fictional World

So I'm joining in this "Book Meme" from The Reading Residence which is all about sharing our favourite fiction - take a look at 
What were your favourite reads from your childhood?
Well, the Magic Faraway Tree (Enid Blyton) was my favourite - the thought of the slide inside the tree, the toffee-pops, and the funny characters to meet... I think I liked that more than the lands at the top of the tree! I think I read pretty much every single one of Enid Blyton's books, but the Faraway Tree was always my favourite. Narnia, Treasures of The Snow, Tanglewoods Secret, The Secret Garden, and The Little Princess were also read many, many times!
There are always those books that defined your teen reads and stay with you – what were yours?
I think the discovery of Anne McCaffrey got me into the Sci-Fi realm, The White Dragon and Killashandra being books I still read now as favourites. They aren't "teen" books but that's when I started reading them!
Who are your favourite authors currently?
Kate Morton (The Forgotten Garden), Linda Berdoll (V racy Austen sequels!), Dana Stabenow (Kate Shugall series).
Which 3 genres do you gravitate towards most often?
Sci-Fi, Chick Lit, cheap/freebies on Kindle!
Can you choose your top titles from each of those genres?
See above! Also "Room" by Emma Donoghue which doesn't fit into any of those but is an amazing story.
And your least favourite genres?
I read Stephen King as a teen and have a vivid imagination so it took ages to get rid of the pictures the stories created in my head. I can't read any sort of horror now, or spook fiction - it scares me too much!
Of the many, many fictional and fantastical worlds, where would you most like to visit?
The Magic Faraway Tree - see above!
Everyone loves a villain, right?! Who would make your favourites list?
I read a freebie Kindle book called Top Dog by Dougie Brimson, which is about Football hooligans. Weirdly I liked these baddies - the main character Billy was just someone you could understand. Not condone, but understand.
Share the books that have had you sobbing?
A friend lent me some books about true stories of abused children - enough said really. What made it worse was my friend said she had been through similar things. It made me realise how truly lucky I am to have my family.
And let’s end on a high! Which books leave a smile on your face, and maybe elicit a few laughs?!
Dales Series by Gervase Phinn - hugely funny because I am a teacher by day and these things do happen!
So that’s a bit about my reading preferences, now I’d love to hear yours. Add your comments below or link to the website above and add them there ;)
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  1. Some great recommendations here that I'm looking forward to reading. How did I not know about the Linda Berdoll books?! Have just ordered the first immediately, thanks! I did love the Magic Faraway tree, too :) Thanks for sharing and joining in with #MyFictionalWorld

    1. I discovered Linda Berdoll whilst searching on Kindle for Darcy books... They are very much nearer the mark than any others I've read, I forgot and accidentally let my mum read the first chapter - she stopped reading after a paragraph and didn't comment at all so I think she may have been shocked!

  2. I find it interesting that our reading habits as children were so similiar, and yet we have such different taste now! I suppose that's only natural as we've grown up. I've just finished Killashandra again...

  3. If you've just finished Killashandra then we aren't so different! Try Kate Morton, I think you'd like The Forgotten Garden ;)