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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Happy Days!

This morning I realised how lucky I am to have my son!
I had neglected to make hubby a cuppa, assuming he already had one, so son went off and made him a cuppa instead. He's 8, and very sensibly poured the boiling water from the kettle without spilling it or burning himself, put the teabag in the bin (not in the sink or on the side) and brought the cuppa out to Daddy. I remembered that in the holidays he'd made his own toastie on the grill (again, very sensibly, checking with me at each stage), and when his friend came round he made them milkshakes in the blender, once again very sensibly AND cleared up after himself.

He can be demanding and attention seeking and downright annoying when he needs telling for the hundreth time to do something (PUT YOUR SHOES ON, WE'RE GOING!), but then I look around me and see that's most kids.
He dresses himself (ok quite often in clothes that are too small, but they are his favourites), he has manners (usually!), and he doesn't get in trouble at school (I know because the teachers are always surprised when I ask and tell me he's a role model...). He's intelligent and funny, and can be extremely helpful (although emptying the pond did get a bit messy!). Though it seems he's lost much of his creative and independent thought through having to conform at school, there are glimpses of it when he's not feeling too lazy to think for himself!

We've driven each other crazy over the summer, as he needs to be around people and I just want some space, neither of which were available as often as we'd have liked. It's only now I'm back at work and he's back at school that I realise, actually, he's a pretty good kid!

Another reason for it being Happy Days is having emptied said pond and got rid of the big fish surprisingly still in it, my friend and I have done some productive trading and while I tutor her kids, she's going to sort out our mess-of-a-garden.

AND the prints of the Family Tree should be arriving at the parents house today - 8 metres long was just completely impractical so it's been split into Fathers Paternal Tree (the really big bit with the landed gentry), Fathers Maternal Tree (with the Irish connection), and Mothers Tree (with the possible Knight with lots of land but no Gypsy Rose Leigh). The last one is coming a bit later when we've sorted some pictures and other bits to go on it. Dad wanted his plain so he could add his own information around his ancestors so his tree will continuously be added to. All exciting stuff!

So I'm happy even though the holidays have ended and it's back to normality! Anyone feel the same?

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